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Spring Renovation
  • Pruning of plants
  • Inspection of plants for insect and/or disease damage
  • Weeding, cleaning and edging of plant beds
  • Application of slow release (6 to 8-month) fertilizer to landscape plants
  • Adding an appropriate layer of shredded bark mulch

Annual/Perennial Installation
  • Although our schedule is very limited, we are able to handle this for a few clients.

Paver/Brick Repair
  • Keep it looking good

Lighting Repair/Maintenance/Bulbs

Maintenance Services

Although we do not do weekly lawn maintenance, lawn spraying or snow plowing, we perform many other maintenance services to keep your installation looking its best:

Summer Touch Up
  • Trim/Weed/Rake/Fluff up mulch

Periodic Weed Control
  • (Don't let them get ahead of you -- call us or spray a post-emergent yourself!)

Irrigation Repair/Maintenance/Winterization

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