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Spring Renovation Time
Please put me on the schedule - I do not need an estimate.

I prefer the week of , if available.

I need an estimate for my spring renovation.

Basic Renovation includes: pruning of plants, inspection of plants for insects &/or disease damage, weeding, cleaning & edging of planting beds, application of fertilizer to landscape plants, application of pre-emergent weed control under the mulch, adding an appropriate layer of shredded bark mulch.

Silver: Includes renovation above plus 2 weed treatments (planting beds & pavement only), mid summer trim / bed touch-up

Gold: Includes renovation / silver plus structural fall pruning / evergreen pruning (only needed every 2-3 years)

Ala cart services available: check and repair lighting / redress gravel / check and repair irrigation / blow out irrigation at end of season / pressure washing / edge grass at drive & street

I would like to speak to Bart or Mike about a new project.





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